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What is SurgYlift™

SurgYlift™ is a minimally invasive non-surgical face + neck lift performed under one hour under local anaesthetic.

How does SurgYlift™ work?

SurgYlift™ is a harmonious combination of the following 3 cutting edge procedures: Y LIFT® - Closed Facelift™, Renuvion® - liposculpture of the neck, and MyEllevate® - suture suspension.

  • Step I: Renuvion® – Liposculpture of the neck: Utilizing an innovative combination of radiofrequency energy and helium plasma, safely heating the tissue to the optimal temperature for maximum tissue contraction leaving the skin beautifully and youthfully tightened.
  • Step II: MyEllevate® – Non-surgical jawline rejuvenation: Using an ICELED® light guided suture system, a suture support system immediately elevates the neck and rejuvenates the jawline without incisions. The sutures are permanent and do not need removal. Patient will not see or feel them.
  • Step III: The Y LIFT® – based on sound anatomical principles and Structural Volumizing® methodology, the Y LIFT® is a minimally invasive, Closed Facelift™ procedure that utilizes hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers which strategically lifts and replenishes at the Leading Edges™ of the facial region.

    This revolutionary combination of these procedures yields dramatic results not achievable by each procedure alone.

    This is the perfect choice for patients seeking full facial rejuvenation in addition to considerable lift in the neck region all with little downtime.

Is SurgYlift™ a surgical procedure?

No. SurgYlift™ does not require any invasive surgery. It is a minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure that offers natural, beautiful and long-lasting results.

How long does the SurgYlift™ procedure take to perform?

For most patients, SurgYlift™ takes less than one hour to perform.

Is there any downtime associated with SurgYlift™

There is generally little bruising and swelling and most people can return to normal activities within a week.

Who performs the SurgYlift™ procedure?

Only a Certified SurgYlift™ Provider can perform the procedure.

How can I learn more about SurgYlift™ surgeon training?

Plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and surgeons who are trained to perform the procedure can perform the SurgYlift™ procedure.

To learn more about becoming a Certified SurgYlift™ Provider, visit