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SurgYlift™ is a minimally invasive non-excisional closed face + neck lift procedure that contours the face and neck specifically for those patients looking to address more severe neck sagging, heavy jowls and nasolabial folds.

The treatment is a powerful and unique combination of 3 cutting-edge procedures Renuvion®, MyEllevate®, and the Y LIFT®.

This dynamic combination of procedures yields striking and long-lasting results not achievable by each procedure alone. SurgYlift™ is the perfect treatment for patients seeking full facial rejuvenation in addition to achieving a considerable lift of the upper neck without extreme invasive surgery or lengthy downtime.

Y Lift® - the closed facelift

First, the Y LIFT® is performed. Based on sound anatomical principles and Structural Volumizing® methodology, the Y LIFT® is a minimally invasive, Closed Facelift® procedure that utilizes FDA & Y LIFT® approved hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillerswhich strategically lifts and replenishes the foundation of the face at the Leading Edges

step I


Liposculpture of the neck is completed with a novel combination of radio frequency energy and helium plasma, safely heating the tissue to optimal temperature for maximum tissue contraction, leaving the skin youthfully tightened.

step II


To enhance the effects of Renuvion®, MyEllevate® a non-surgical neck lift is performed. Using an ICELED® light guided suture system, the procedure elevates + rejuvenates the neck without incisions. The sutures are permanent and do not need removal. Patients will not see nor feel them.

step III

 FDA approved hyaluronic acid-based filler used in conjunction with the Y LIFT® and its related procedures can vary under the discretion of Y LIFT, LLC. 

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The SurgYlift Candidate

SurgYlift is suitable for most male + female patients seeking to address more severe neck sagging, heavy jowls and deep nasolabial folds.


√ Full Facial Rejuvenation + Beautification

√ Cheekbone Accentuation

√ Jawline Definition

√ Severe Neck + Jowl Improvement

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Full Facial Beautification

Improves Under Eye Hollowness

Addresses Severe Neck Sagging &

Heavy Jowls

Addresses Nasolabial Folds

Minimally Invasive

No Scars


Minimal Downtime



not generally






*Approved hyaluronic acid-based fillers can vary under the discretion of Y LIFT, LLC.

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