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At Y LIFT we offer a variety of novel treatments and procedures suitable for adult males of all age.

Looking to impress in the locker room? Check out MagnYm™, the ultimate 15 minute, minimally-invasive male enhancement procedure. Want that beach-ready body? Try EMSCULPT®, a body sculpting treatment that burns fat and builds muscle without you having to lift a finger! Want to turn back the clock and sport a chiseled jawline and neck? You'll love the Y LIFT®, an instant non-surgical facelift that can be performed during your lunch break. 

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MagnYm™ is a quick 15-minute non-surgical male enhancement procedure that can enhance size + decrease shrinkage + improve function with this quick, effective & customized male enhancement treatment. 

Shape your Butt + Sculpt your Abs non-invasively with EMSculpt®, a is a cutting-edge High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology that induces 20,000 forced muscle contractions.

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The renowned Y LIFT® procedure is a revolutionary patented minimally invasive facelift performed in 30-45 minutes yielding instantaneous, dramatic and natural-looking results. It was famously dubbed the "Miracle 30-Minute Facelift" by Dr. Oz.​​

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A minimally invasive face + neck lift procedure that contours the face and reveals youthful facial contours utilizing a powerful and unique combination of 3 cutting-edge procedures that sculpt and lift beautifully and yield natural, yet dramatic results.

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