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Our Treatments are designed to boost hYs confidence in 25 minutes or less!

Genitalia satisfaction plays a vital role in mens' psychosocial and sexual health. In a recent study, it was shown that men who were dissatisfied with their genitals were less likely to report being sexually active than those who were satisfied. Penetrative sex and receptive oral intercourse were also reported less by dissatisfied men.*


Tired of being dissatisfied and experiencing low confidence? From Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to Premature Ejaculation (PE) to Hyperactive Penile Retraction Reflex (HPRR) aka “shrinkage” to just wanting to be…bigger, we have the most innovative non-surgical procedures performed by top medical professionals to make you feel and look your best.


Come out of your shell and grow your confidence with our signature procedures!​


*Thomas W. Gaither, Isabel E. Allen, E. Charles Osterberg, Amjad Alwal, Catherine R. Harris & Benjamin N. Breyer, "Characterization of Genital Dissatisfaction in a National Sample of U.S. Men", Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 46, Pages 2123–2130, 2017


What is hYs®?

The hYs® procedure is the latest innovation in non-surgical, minimally invasive penile enhancement. It's a unique technique and approach which augments the contours of a flaccid + erect penis resulting in significant increases in both length and girth. The hYs® procedure maintains a natural appearance without sacrificing function or sensation and is virtually painless.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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How hYs® is Performed


The hYs® procedure utilizes Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – a commonly used soft tissue filler to increase the circumferential size of the penis. The HA is strategically placed into designated compartments throughout the penis. This ensures equal distribution - avoiding lumps, bumps or unevenness while maintaining a natural look and feel.


The result is an INSTANTLY larger penis while maintaining a natural aesthetic and retaining complete sensation.


The hYs® procedure can be expected to last 2 - 4 years. The results are visible 1 - 3 days post-procedure, once any swelling has subsided.

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Individual Results May Vary

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Individual Results May Vary

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