The Ultimate Body Shaper

Build Muscle & Burn Fat, No Sweat Required!


Shape your Butt + Sculpt your Abs non-invasively with EMSCULPT - a cutting-edge High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology that induces 20,000 forced muscle contractions (equivalent to 20,000 squats/20,000 sit-ups per session)!



  • Unique technology burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously.

  • Tones + sculpts the buttocks, gives a "butt-lift" effect.

  • Quick 30 minutes sessions.

  • Safe - non-thermal, non-ionizing, non-radiating 

  • Effective - backed by 7 independent multi-center US studies.


FOR BEST RESULTS: 4 sessions are recommended per body area, 2-3 days apart in a span of 2 weeks.


Results are visible 4-6 weeks after last treatment.

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