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Y LIFT® at the iconic Pierre Hotel in New York is home to the latest cutting edge aesthetic technologies and cosmetic surgery. It's renowned signature Y LIFT® Procedure - a revolutionary, patented minimally invasive facelift performed in 30-45 min which instantly creates beautiful, youthful and dramatic, yet natural-looking results.

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  NO General Anesthesia • NO Incisions • NO Downtime  

   INSTANT Results   

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The renowned Y LIFT® procedure is a revolutionary patented minimally invasive facelift performed in 30-45 minutes yielding instantaneous, dramatic yet natural-looking results. It was famously dubbed the "Miracle 30-Minute Facelift" by Dr. Oz.

The Y LIFT® is based on the notion that youthful facial contours are shaped like the letter 'Y'. If you were to superimpose two 'Y's over the face you would see that one appears wide at the top, spanning the eye & cheekbone region, while the second spans the scope of the jawline. Both 'Y's narrow down to a point culminating at the chin.

As we age, the foundation of the face (such as the bone) loses volume and causes the arms of these 'Y's to steadily collapse inward due to loss of volume. The consequence of the loss of hard tissue results in drooping and sagging of the soft tissue - creating jowls, a sagging or droopy upper neck and marionette lines around the mouth.

The Y LIFT®'s unique Structural Volumizing® methodology works in reverse and restores the lost youthful foundation and beautifies the individual's natural features.


Y LIFT® Results

  • Cheekbones lifted + accentuated 

  • Under-eye area revived, improving hollowness 

  • Definition of the jawline + lifting of the upper neck 

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A minimally invasive non-excisional closed face + neck lift procedure that contours the face and reveals youthful facial contours utilizing a powerful and unique combination of 3 cutting-edge procedures that sculpt and lift beautifully and yield natural, yet dramatic results.

The treatment is a powerful and unique combination of 3 cutting-edge procedures Renuvion®, MyEllevate®, and the Y LIFT®.

This dynamic combination of procedures yields striking and long-lasting results not achievable by each procedure alone. SurgYlift™ is the perfect treatment for patients seeking full facial rejuvenation in addition to achieving a considerable lift of the upper neck without extreme invasive surgery or lengthy downtime.

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Enhance size + decrease shrinkage + improve function with this quick, effective & customized male enhancement treatment.

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MagnYm™ is designed to boost hYs confidence in 25 minutes or less!

Genitalia satisfaction plays a vital role in mens' psychosocial and sexual health. In a recent study, it was shown that men who were dissatisfied with their genitals were less likely to report being sexually active than those who were satisfied. Penetrative sex and receptive oral intercourse were also reported less by dissatisfied men.*


Tired of being dissatisfied and experiencing low confidence? From Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to Premature Ejaculation (PE) to Hyperactive Penile Retraction Reflex (HPRR) aka “shrinkage” to just wanting to be…bigger, we have the most innovative non-surgical procedure, MagnYm™, to make you feel and look your best.


Come out of your shell and grow your confidence with MagnYm™!​


*Thomas W. Gaither, Isabel E. Allen, E. Charles Osterberg, Amjad Alwal, Catherine R. Harris & Benjamin N. Breyer, "Characterization of Genital Dissatisfaction in a National Sample of U.S. Men", Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 46, Pages 2123–2130, 2017

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Dr. Yan Trokel (or simply Dr. Yan as he is commonly referred to), a world-renowned New York based board-certified maxillofacial surgeon specializing in non-surgical facial rejuvenation has been transforming faces since 2006. His accomplishments have been celebrated on popular television programs and in many top news publications spanning almost two decades. 


Dr. Yan’s unique innovation have earned him patents including for his signature Y LIFT® procedure, dubbed the “Miracle 30-Minute Facelift" by Dr. Oz; Mycrosculpt®, a cannula grip device for injection techniques; and Flexyguide® - a mapping tool guide for injection techniques.


Recognized as one of the finest aesthetic facial surgeons in the field, Dr. Yan’s unique methodology and expertise in facial rejuvenation revolutionized facial aesthetics.


Dr. Yan’s perspective on what constitutes beauty and the aging effect is based on sound anatomical principles. From his years as a facial surgeon and performing countless facelifts, he emphasized the importance of bone structure and its effects on remaining layers of the face. He developed his signature Y LIFT® Procedure (Closed Facelift®) as an alternative to the procedures he saw as outdated and/or unnecessary. Simply cutting skin and pulling it tighter did not beautify his patients and achieve youthful structure. The Y LIFT® addresses the key points of lost structure by building back at the very foundation via the Structural Volumizing® methodology. Coupled with precise mapping of the face utilizing his patented marking guide and precise lifting and filling methods of Y LIFT® - youthful, beautiful and natural looking results are achieved for patients of all ages. 


With the innovation of Y LIFT®, Dr. Yan disrupted industry norms and spearheaded the transformative approach to non-surgical facial rejuvenation. In its annual Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Databank Statistics of 2020, the Aesthetic Society has officially recognized the Y LIFT® procedure as its own category in non-surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons nationwide.


Dr. Yan is also the Founder and President of the Y LIFT Network – an ever-growing network of medical professionals trained and certified in the Y LIFT® procedure. He and his faculty have taught many medical professionals around the country in the Y LIFT® methodology. Y LIFT® is now available at select clinics throughout the country.

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in anti-aging Techniques

Dr. Yan Trokel

Surgeon • Inventor • Pioneer • Teacher

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