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By Yan Trokel, MD, DDS, at 2:33 pm

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Y LIFT vs Liquid Facelift

What is the difference between the Y LIFT and a liquid facelift? They have one aspect in common: the use of dermal fillers.


The Aging Phenomenon

A common misconception about facial aging is that gravity is the culprit, whereas in truth, overall structural deterioration and deflation is to blame.

As a person ages, they gradually shrink. The bone density, muscles and fat compartments all undergo atrophy and the structural facial integrity is compromised.

Aging effects on SKINContrary to popular belief, humans do not grow extra skin with normal aging. The illusion of excess/stretched skin results from overall facial volume loss (soft tissues and bone). The only time the body gains excess skin is due to weight gain or pregnancy. Essentially, the skin has very little integrity. As the skin begins to lose it’s underlying structural support the appearance of sagging ensues.

Aging effects on FATThe fat compartments (both the superficial and the deep compartments) in the face steadily diminish and the face begins to experience fine lines, wrinkles, hollowness, and the effects of sagging.

Aging effects on BONEA newborn skull is oval/egg-like in it’s shape. As a person reaches puberty, the shape of the skeletal structure becomes rectangular. As we age further, from 30 years old onwards, the bone starts to deteriorate and reverts back to the oval shape, similar to the newborn skull. This effects how the skin drapes over the bone. See photo below.



The Facial Structure

There are three primary structural facial pillars of the face. Two of these pillars are responsible for the youthful shape of the face. The first pillar is located in the upper part of the face (Photo A). It spans the eye and cheekbone region. The second facial pillar spans the entire jawline (Photo B). Together these pillars define a youthful face shape. Any facial rejuvenation treatment should focus these pillars in order to achieve the most beautiful & natural results.

Photo A & B Y LIFT


Liquid Facelift

Liquid facelifts focus mostly on replacing lost fat and fullness with dermal fillers, and don’t take into account the loss in the primary structural facial pillars.

Often times Botox is used in conjunction with the fillers. Botox relaxes the muscles and smoothes out/prevents wrinkles and fine lines, while the fillers restore fullness to the face.

This technique merely re-plumps the face, not taking into consideration the overall structural depletion in the facial region (loss of bone). Hence, there is a very minimal lifting effect. Nothing dramatic.

The results of a liquid facelift tend to last around 6-8 months.

y-lift-vs-liquid-facelift-filler-placementStructural Revolumizing = Lift | Liquid Facelift = Replumping



Based on the philosophy of Structural Volumizing®, the Y LIFT utilizes a unique 3-Step LiftingFilling, and Sculpting technique to instantly lift, contour and revolumize the face.

Rejuvenating the primary facial pillars of the face, and the placement of the FDA-approved dermal fillers are two major key factors of performing a Y LIFT in order to achieve the best results possible.

Step 1 & 2–Lifting & Filling:  The lifting effect occurs when fillers are added to the primary facial pillars. The filler is placed beneath the muscle on top of the bone which restructures the face.

Once the face has been restructured, the skin re-drapes over the new foundation and gives the face a youthful, contoured, tightened, and natural look without creating a surgically pulled appearance.

Step 3–Sculpting: Lastly, the face is manually sculpted by hand to set the fillers, skin, soft tissues, and muscles in their newly elevated place.

Result: the Y LIFT restores lost structure to the face, instantly achieving a rejuvenation of the natural features to the individual patient.

The results of the Y LIFT last between 1-3 years depending on the product used.


The skin on the neck is sagging due to a lack of a foundation.


The skin has re-draped over the new foundation & has lifted everything upward


It is easy to understand the benefits of the Y LIFT technique over a liquid facelift. The increased longevity of the Y LIFT results are perfectly complimented by the superior and more natural results achieved by this unique technique.

L-Prof-Before R-Prof-After
L-Prof-Before r-prof-after-looking-down

In the set of pictures above, the lifting contouring effect of the Y LIFT can be seen. Her before photo shows clearly that her upper neck was drooping and sagging down. In her after photo, she is looking downward and the sagging is completely gone! She now has a contoured, youthful, beautiful, and natural look all without surgery!

Why wait–Y not You?

If you are interested in booking a consultation for the Y LIFT, or would like to know more information, call Y LIFT Central Reservations today at (212) 861-7787 to speak with a Y LIFT Specialist. You can also request an appointment online by completing our Request An Appointment form.

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