Y LIFT Available at Advanced Aesthetics Dermatology with Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

By Yan Trokel, MD, DDS, at 4:45 pm

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Y LIFT Now Available in Los Gatos, CA with Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

The Y LIFT Team is excited to announce our newest partnership with Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. of Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology in Los Gatos, CA!

We would like to congratulate Dr. Bitter for becoming a Certified Y LIFT Provider! He was personally trained by Dr. Yan Trokel, Founder, CEO and Creator of the Y LIFT, in the unique technique, and is proud to be part of the Y LIFT family!

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. | Certified Y LIFT Provider “The Y LIFT® procedure conceived by Dr. Yan Trokel introduces a specific technique using HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers to create a structural framework that results in the beautiful contours of a symmetrical, youthful, attractive face. The Y LIFT® procedure in my practice has already generated a great deal of interest from my patients who have eagerly welcomed the immediate, natural-looking results without the cutting of facelift surgery. Dr. Trokel’s two-day intensive hands-on, in office Y LIFT® Training provides the essentials of his injection technique that for even the most experienced of injectors will transform the way you look at and use fillers in the face.” – Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD, FAAD

Dr. Bitter is a Board Certified Dermatologist specializing in non-surgical treatments to improve skin health and delay aging and anti-aging medicine. He is the founder of Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology and maintains medical practices in Los Gatos, CA and Beverly Hills, CA.

Dr. Bitter is regarded as the pioneer in the use of pulsed light technology for skin rejuvenation. He is the developer of the acclaimed FotoFacial procedure using pulsed light to rejuvenate aged skin. He has authored several ground-breaking scientific papers on the use of pulsed light for skin rejuvenation. He is a sought after lecturer and teacher and has taught over four thousand physicians worldwide in the use of pulsed light.

Dr. Bitter has been featured as a celebrity dermatologist on ABC’s Extreme Makeover. He is a member of several professional societies including Fellowship in the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of  Anti-Aging Medicine.

 Dr. Bitter has been a consultant to the medical laser device industry and to nutritional and anti-aging companies. On top of all of that, Dr. Bitter is now a Certified Y LIFT® Provider, making him one of a select group of physicians that can perform the Y LIFT®!

The Y LIFT Team is happy to welcome Dr. Bitter to our esteemed team of Certified Y LIFT Providers!

If you are located near or in Los Gatos, CA and are interested in the Y LIFT, visit www.PatrickBitterJrMD.com, or call Dr. Bitter’s office directly at (408) 358 5757.

Are you located in New York, Beverly Hills, Boca Raton, or the surrounding areas? Call Y LIFT Central Reservations today for more information, or book a consultation with the creator of the Y LIFT, Dr. Yan Trokel at (212) 861 7787. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online.

Are you a Board Certified Physician interested in learning the innovative Y LIFT technique and becoming part of the growing network of Certified Y LIFT Providers? Visit Become A Certified Y LIFT Provider page, or call Y LIFT Central Reservations today to learn more about Y LIFT Training at (212) 861 7787.

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