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Friday, June 16, 2017

Y LIFT Now Available in Brentwood, TN with Dr. Morgan Moor

We are excited to welcome a new Certified Y LIFT® Provider to our team–Dr. L. Morgan Moor of New Life Physicians in Brentwood, TN!

Congratulations to Dr. Moor for becoming a Certified Y LIFT® Provider! She was personally trained by Dr. Yan Trokel, Founder, CEO and Creator of the Y LIFT, in the innovative technique, and is thrilled to offer the Y LIFT® to her patients!

Dr. L. Morgan Moor | Certified Y LIFT Provider “Y LIFT® Training is by far the most impressive training in aesthetics I have ever experienced. Dr. Trokel’s approach to excellence in every way was phenomenal. The techniques prove to give accurate and amazing results, instantly. I am so thankful that I decided to do this training. I am thrilled to be able to provide this procedure in my practice.” – L. Morgan Moor, MD


Dr. Moor was so excited about the procedure, she decided to have it done on herself. Have a look at her testimonial video below!

Dr. Moor graduated from Wright State University School of Medicine, where she received her residency training and Board Certification in Primary Care/Internal Medicine. She became interested in Functional Medicine and Aesthetics after spending years doing Primary Care, Hospital Medicine and Emergency Medicine; realizing that there had to be a better way to care for people and their needs.

She is the founder of New Life Physicians in Brentwood, TN where the entire patient is focused on in a very personal way. She specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Anti-Aging Medicine.

She also specializes in non-surgical treatments to improve skin health, sexual health, and urinary incontinence. In addition to the Y LIFT®, she offers Botox, fillers, Mesotherapy, Laser Therapy, and Stem Cell Therapy for cosmetic and sexual health.

We are happy to welcome Dr. Moor to our team of Certified Y LIFT® Providers!

If you are located near or in Brentwood, TN and are interested in the Y LIFT, visit, or call her office directly at (615) 771 8832.

Are you located in New York, Beverly Hills, Boca Raton, or the surrounding areas? Call Y LIFT Central Reservations today for more information, or book a consultation with the creator of the Y LIFT, Dr. Yan Trokel at (212) 861 7787. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online.

Are you a Board Certified Physician interested in learning the innovative Y LIFT technique and becoming part of the growing network of Certified Y LIFT Providers? Visit Become A Certified Y LIFT Provider page, or call Y LIFT Central Reservations today to learn more about Y LIFT Training at (212) 861 7787

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