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Thursday, August 04, 2016

What is the Y LIFT and How Does it Work?

What exactly is the Y LIFT and how does it work?

The Y LIFT is based on the idea that a youthful facial structure is shaped like the letter “Y”. There are two essential pillars of the face that are responsible for a youthful look.

The first pillar (see Photo A) is located in the upper face. It is wide at the top, spanning the eye and cheekbone region. The second pillar (see Photo B) spans the entire jawline.

Photo A & B Y LIFT

As we age, the face loses volume and deflates. The two pillars slowly deteriorate and lose their structure. The arms of the “Y”s begin to gradually widen and fall downward (see Photo C).



The Y LIFT is based on a Structural Volumizing® philosophy, which simply means it restores the original, youthful structure of the face by restoring lost fat, muscle, and bone. The Y LIFT re-contours the face by using a unique 3-Step LiftingFilling, & Sculpting technique, all without incisions, surgery or downtime!

1. Once local anesthetic has been applied, a specialized blunt instrument is inserted into the skin, beneath the muscle and soft tissues creating a natural lift.

2. A hyaluronic acid based filler is then placed on top of the bony facial structure in the two pillar areas and re-fills (revolumizes) the face, creating a natural, youthful fullness.

3. Lastly, the face is sculpted by hand to achieve the most beautiful and natural contours that suit each individual patient and face shape.

Here are 3D scans of a Y LIFT patient before & after her procedure. The special scans show the Y LIFT results on a much deeper level. The tissue beneath the skin has been smoothed, the face has been lifted and sculpted to a much more appealing and youthful structure!

L-Prof-Before L-Prof-2-Days

Check out the video for even more 3D scans!

If you are interested in booking a consultation for the Y LIFT or would like to know more information, call Y LIFT Central Reservations today at (212) 861 7787 to speak with a Y LIFT Specialist. You can also request an appointment online by completing our Request An Appointment form.

Are you a Board Certified physician looking to enhance your practice and give your patients instant and beautiful results? Become a Certified Y LIFT Provider today! Call (212) 861 7787 for more information on Y LIFT Training or visit our Become A Provider page.


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