Y LIFT Instant Facelift Testimonial Before and After

Radiant Skin Revitalizer

A quick and painless 4 step Process skYnjection™ instantly lifts the face and revitalizes skin to reveal a tight, beautiful and youthful glow in only four steps! skYnjection™ is a safe, effective and efficient procedure:
  1. First, the skin is gently washed with a special cleanser to remove impurities and prepare it for the procedure.
  2. Next, serums containing hyaluronic acid and a rejuvenating complex of micronutrients are applied to the face; the first serum works to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, restore tone and elasticity and improve radiance while the second serum strengthens the dermal tissues of the skin and has a lifting and tightening effect.
  3. Third, a painless micro-needling pen-like device is applied to make micro-punctures on the surface of the skin. The device helps the rejuvenating serums penetrate deeply into the skin for a dramatically radiant result.
  4. Finally, a soothing masque is applied which works to smooth and contract the pores following the procedure and helps bring elasticity, tonicity and firmness to the skin.


What To Expect From skYnjection™?
  • Immediately following the procedure, patients can expect their skin to have more firmness and have the “dewy effect”.
Results :
  • The skin is instantly lifted and radiant! (skYnjection™ treatment should be repeated every 3 to 4 months for optimal results)
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