Y LIFT Instant Facelift Testimonial Before and After

Instant Jawline Rejuvenation

chYnjection™ BEFORE & AFTER GALLERY Jaw Dropping results When characterizing the faces of iconic beauties, you often hear a wide range of descriptive terms used to depict different type of facial structures. For example, the classic “oval” face is often associated with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton; “heart shaped” faces with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love-Hewitt and even “apple shaped” or “apple cheeked” faces with the good looks of Scarlett Johansson and Paula Abdul. Well you can be the apple of my eye, but certainly not of my cheeks! Here is why… As it turns out, these commonly used terms are actually misnomers based on the common misconception that the faces we find most beautiful have a variety of distinctive facial structures. In fact, beauty has an underlying denominator. The world’s most beautiful women have one thing in common: the ideal facial structure. Four universal elements compose the ‘ideal facial structure’. All other terms utilized to describe a face, are actually (and inadvertently) commenting on the signs of aging. An “oval” face is actually an “aged” face, etc.

NO General Anesthesia • NO Scars • NO Downtime INSTANT, Long-Lasting Results


The ideal facial structure is comprised of 4 components : 1. A strong and sharply defined mandibular angle – this is the angle that forms the rear of the face shape; 2. A long, strong body of the mandible forming a near perfect straight line – this is the base of the face shape and the very foundation of a youthful face; 3. A prominent chin, which can be squared off or slightly elevated, serving as the front-facing portion of the facial structure. 4. Tracing down the sharp imaginary line from the high point of the cheek (located near the temple region) to the angle of the mandible (starting point). And there you have it – several seemingly different faces all with the same underlying facial structure. Essentially, our chin and jawline comprise nearly three-quarters of our facial framework, working together to provide structure and balance to the face, that when strong and defined, become the epitome of beauty and youth. For years, people all over the world have risked the pain, infection and downtime associated with risky surgeries to achieve the chiseled, angular jawline of a runway model.   chYnjection Innovation Thanks to the innovativeness of chYnjection ™, these dramatically beautiful results are now attainable instantly and without the effects of painful surgery. chYnjection ™ achieves facial rejuvenation by building upon your natural facial structures through contouring that reshapes the chin and jawline restoring your natural, youthful “Y-shaped” facial symmetry. Wrinkles are smoothed out; jowls instantly lifted for a more attractive jaw and neckline. The effects are profound – a crisp, structural rejuvenated appearance rivaling even the most ideal facial structures.
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