Look as Young as You Feel at Y LIFT Transformational Thursday

By Yan Trokel, MD, DDS, at 8:38 pm

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Yan Trokel, MD

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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Look as Young as You Feel | Transformational Thursday

Welcome back to another #TransformationalThursday! An every-Thursday blog series that features Y LIFT® patients and their breathtaking results.

This week we are featuring a before and after video of a Y LIFT patient who has been completely revived by the Y LIFT. The greatest benefit of the Y LIFT is that it is customized to suit your natural, youthful features that you may have noticed starting to disappear.

In the video you will see that this patient began to lose her jawline and enunciation of her chin. This was causing her upper neck to look saggy. The Y LIFT reestablished her jawline, made her chin more youthful and pronounced, and lifted her cheekbones. Because of this, her upper neck area was completed reinvented and there is no sagging left at all! This was all done in 30 minutes, without anesthesia, stitches, surgery or downtime, yielding instant results!

Summer is just around the corner. Get that fresh, young and rejuvenated look you’ve been longing for! Why wait – Y not you?

If you are interested in booking a consultation for the Y LIFT, or would like to know more information, call Y LIFT Central Reservations today at (212) 861 7787 to speak with a Y LIFT Specialist. You can also request an appointment online by completing our Request An Appointment form.

Are you a Board Certified physician looking to enhance your practice and give your patients instant and beautiful results? Become a Certified Y LIFT® Provider today! Call (212) 861 7787 for more information on Y LIFT® Training, or visit our Become A Provider page.

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