kYss Instant Non Surgical Lip Plumper

By Yan Trokel, MD, DDS, at 7:20 am

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

kYss – Instant, Plump & Voluptuous Lips

Welcome to Transformational Thursday! This week we are featuring a very special kYss transformation!

At Y LIFT, we offer kYss, an instant lip enhancing procedure that utilizes the innovative technique associated with all Y® procedures.

The lips are an important feature of the face. A full, pouty lip portrays a certain sense of youthfulness. Like the rest of the face, proportions play a large role in ideal beauty.

Each set of lips is different and unique. However, there are many parts that make up the lips and all are important and specific, no matter the shape or size.

Size-wise, the top lip should ideally be 1/3 of the entire size of the lips, while the bottom lip is made up of the remaining 2/3’s.

The vermilion border is the original lip liner. It’s the thin line between the lip and the facial skin that defines the entire shapes of the lips.

The Cupid’s bow, or the v-shape in the upper lip, creates a prominent, pouty look. Lastly, the corners of the mouth, or the labial commissure’s, are ideally slightly upturned creating a naturally sultry look.

Anatomy of the Lips Perfect Shape Y LIFT

What Can kYss Do For You?

Because each lip shape and size is different, there are many benefits kYss has to offer such as deepen the cupids bow, add volume and plumpness, and smooth the lips of fine lines and wrinkles. kYss will improve and rejuvenate the area above the top lip by smoothing ‘smokers lines’ (the vertical wrinkles that can appear overtime with age).

It can perfect the proportion of the lips and define the lip border without making it disappear and look unnatural. The kYss procedure is completely customized and aims to create the ideal lip shape for every set of lips, yielding instant, natural results all while avoiding the unnatural “duck pout”. There are many different shapes a person can have:

  •    • Full Lips – Both the top and bottom lip are of equal size. An example of these can be seen on Angelina Jolie.
  •    • Wide Lips – Wide lips have a large, slightly stretched appearance. Julia Roberts has these type of lips.
  •    • Round Lips – Very round and circular in shape. Drew Barrymore has round shaped lips.
  •    • Thin Lips – Thin lips can be equally in size or the top lip slightly smaller than the bottom. Gwyneth Paltrow was voted Most Beautiful Woman 2013 and has thin lips.


Before & After kYss – Instant, Non Surgical Lip Plumper

If you are interested in booking a consultation for kYss or would like to know more information, call Y LIFT Central Reservations today at (212) 861 7787 to speak with a Y LIFT Specialist.


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