Y LIFT Instant Facelift Testimonial Before and After


Is the Y LIFT® really a “lunch-time facelift “? Yes. The entire procedure takes between 15-30 minutes. The patient can immediately resume his or her daily activities post procedure. How long is the recovery? There is no recovery time with the Y LIFT®. However, you may feel slight tenderness, soreness and possible minor bruising for a couple of days post procedure. Do the results vary from patient to patient? Yes. The Y LIFT® procedure uniquely benefits each patient. Y LIFT network doctors utilizes a very individualistic approach. As he closely studies the facial structure of each patient, he customizes the procedure so that it accents their specific features. How is the Y LIFT® different from a traditional facelift? Advancements in current cosmetic technology have made it possible to undergo non-invasive procedures that can mirror the results of traditional facelifts. Patients enjoy similar results without the unwelcoming post-operative effects, such as facial discomfort and extensive healing time. Can the effects of the procedure be reversed? Yes. The Y LIFT® is one of the few procedures that is completely reversible. How long to the effects of the Y LIFT® last? The Y LIFT® lasts between 1-3 years, depending on the type of product used and the rate it metabolizes within the body. Independent results vary. Periodic touch-ups are recommended to maintain the effects of the procedure. How does the Y LIFT® differ from other filler procedures? The key to the Y LIFT® is not fillers, but the specialized instrumentation, placement and technique developed by the YLIFT Team. The instrument is inserted beneath the skin to instantly lift the muscles, fascia and fat just below the skin. This adjustment provides the greatest lift in the face. A hyaluronic acid filler, a substance that is found naturally in the body, is then used to hold everything its newly elevated position. The patient is then instantly restored, rejuvenated and enhanced. May I have the Y LIFT® procedure done the same day as my consultation? Since the Y LIFT® is so minimally invasive, there is no prior testing required. Most patients elect to have the procedure done the same day as their consultation, as we schedule plenty of time for a thorough facial analysis as well as the 15-30 minute procedure. This is especially true for patients traveling from outside the area, although we do recommend staying the nigh somewhere nearby so you may come in for a brief follow up visit the next morning for a light facial massage and so a doctor can make sure the product is settling in perfectly with your facial features. A follow up is not required and is up to the patient to attend. Many patients feel perfectly comfortable flying back out the same day as their procedure. We do our very best to accommodate the needs of our traveling patients. Where can I get the Y LIFT® and who does the procedure? The Y LIFT® is a procedure performed exclusively by Dr. Yan Trokel, the innovator of the Y LIFT®, and Certified Y LIFT® Providers.

Does our F.A.Q. not list your question? Please feel call us at (212) 861 7787 to speak with a Y LIFT® Specialist.

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