Y LIFT Center New York


The Y LIFT Centers represent the leading edge in facial aesthetic contouring and cosmetic laser skin treatments.


Y LIFT offers the latest medical technology. Your procedure or treatment is performed in accredited surgical facilities under the care of Dr. Yan Trokel, Medical Director & Founder of Y LIFT.


The three original Y LIFT Centers are located in New York, Beverly Hills, and Corals Springs, FL.


In addition to our three main locations, we have a growing network Board Certified physicians across the nation who have undergone specialized Y LIFT training, developed by Dr. Yan Trokel, the creator of the Y LIFT procedure.


The Y LIFT Network extends beyond specialized training: Our national network of providers is committed to providing the best results and an exceptional patient experience with the highest level of care possible. We are committed to ensuring that our physicians and their patients are up to date on the latest advances science and medicine have to offer.


Through our continuous improvement methodology, we are constantly innovating and updating the services and products available to our Certified Y LIFT Providers. Utilizing our combination of modern technology, scientific skill, and the gift of artistry our patients attain a beautiful and more youthful appearance without compromising the natural facial integrity.


Y LIFT Network physicians provide patients the luxury of natural looking results coupled with a rapid recovery. With each individual case, your doctor will devote his/her expertise, taking into account your individual concerns to produce results without the obvious signs of surgery. The Y LIFT approach is subtle yet transformative!

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